What is so attractive about rose gold?

Where does rose gold come from?

Rose gold is a unique metal with faint red color.

Many brands are starting to use this kind of metal in the recent years, and it is very popular among the consumers. It has become common to see rose gold not only in jewelry industry, but also seeing it appears in daily goods and even electrical appliances.

Originated from Russia during 19th century, rose gold was called “Russian gold” at first. The metal was first used in jewelry design by the famous jeweler Carl Fabergé.

The common proportion for creating rose gold is 75% gold and 25% copper. The rose-like gold color comes from mixing pure gold and copper. The proportion, however, varies among different brands, and this gives rose gold characteristic and uniqueness.

What is so attractive about rose gold?

1. The retro sense it carries

The gentle and faint red color could add a retro sense to jewelry.

As vintage classic is a popular style in the recent years, many jewelries that are aimed to carry a retro feeling would focus on the rose-gold color. This includes the Japanese style light jewelries, wristwatches with leather straps of some classic brands, goldwares of trendy brands and the like. The classic element and the modern style could fuse together through rose gold. This could emphasize the beauty of classic of woman while filtering out the old-fashioned feeling.

2. Suitable for any skin color

Rose gold is different from yellow gold or white gold since the skin color of Asians could look brighter with its faint red. Any skin color – be it white, wheat-like brown or yellow – would go well with rose gold. Yellow gold and white gold could be affected by the skin color of the wearer, which would require more considerations if jewelries of such colors are to be chosen as gifts.

For the matching of jewelries, rose gold could “brighten” one’s skin color and at the same time make diamond ring more fashionable.

Does rose gold fade?

There are two kinds of rose gold jewelries on the market. One of them is K rose gold, which has yellow gold as the basic metal and is mixed with copper. There are 10K rose gold, 14K rose gold and 18K rose gold. Since K rose gold is created by mixing different metals, it would have a more solid color and thus would not fade easily. This makes K rose gold suitable for mounting diamond or other precious gemstones.

The other kind of rose gold has 925 silver or stainless steel as basic metal and is electroplated with rose gold on the surface. While this kind of metal costs less, its color given through electroplating could not last long and fading would be inevitable.

Does rose gold has different colors?

Rose gold is not a fixed color. There could be variations where it is darker, redder, or more golden in color. Therefore, many brands would adjust the proportion of yellow gold and copper to give their product a unique color tone. The color difference of rose gold depends on the proportion of yellow gold and copper used, and less yellow gold and more copper would make rose gold redder. Since the amount of yellow gold is different in 14K gold and 18K gold, the resulting rose gold would also have different color. Rose gold made with 14K gold ca