The quality of RAGAZZA's moissanite

2cts moissanite video (E-F color/VVS1/Ex)

The moissanite RAGAZZA have are of very high-quality and are certificated by GIA. This article will evaluate the quality of moissanite in terms of color, clarity, cutting, certification and other aspects.

1. Color – near colorless (E to F color)

According to the GIA diamond color grading, the color can range from D (colorless) to Z (yellow), which can be further categorized into three levels: D to H as white diamonds; I to M as faint yellow diamonds; and N to Z as light yellow diamonds.

Our moissanite are of E-F color. They are colorless to the naked eye, almost colorless. Those of G color or below have a slight yellow color, which does not meet our standards. In addition, we also provide fancy color diamond moissanite such as blue moissanite, green moissanite, yellow moissanite and black moissanite.

2. Clarity - flawless under 10x magnifier scope

When buying diamonds, SI (slightly included) and VS (very slightly included) are often preferred by the customers. However, the clarity of moissanites cultivated in the laboratory has reached the level of VVS (very, very slightly included) or even FL (flawless). The clarity level of our moissanites is from VVS1 to IF (internally flawless). Even when they are put under 10x magnifier scope, professionals will find it difficult to spot any flaw.

3. Cut grade - excellent (Ex)

Diamond cut grade refers to how good or bad the proportions are, and how the different arrangements of the diamond’s surface and facets make it shine. Our moissanite cuts have the highest grade (excellent), and if we use the same standard to evaluate diamonds, only about 3% of diamonds can get this rating. Each moissanite is superbly cut to reflect the brightest light and fire.

4. Cutting - 8 Hearts and Arrows

The GIA certificated moissanites provided by RAGAZZA is cut with the “hearts and arrows” technique, which is also known as “Brilliant Cut”. Moissanites cut with it will have 57 facets, and they are all cut to ideal proportions with good symmetry. When viewed from the top, the moissanites will project a pattern of eight arrows; when viewed from the bottom, a pattern of eight hearts will be seen instead. The resulting views are repeatable and nearly perfect. The authoritative diamond appraisal organizations, IGI and HRD call this kind of hearts and arrows cut the "best cut".

We also provide other cuts, such as princess cut, heart cut, emerald cut and so on.

5. Passing diamond testers

GIA certificated moissanite can pass most diamond testers; while cubic zirconia cannot.

6. GIA appraisal

Moissanite sold by RAGAZZA have all been appraised by the diamond appraisal authority, GIA (Gemological Institute of America), and all jewelry (of 1ct or above) comes with a GIA certificate. The certificate will state that the moissanite are “Laboratory-Grown Moissanite”, of which they are examined on their colors, weights, sizes, cutting shapes, etc. You can go to the GIA official website and enter the code shown on the certificate to check the details of the appraisal. To avoid the purchase of inferior or counterfeit moissanite, look for the GIA certification. If you have any queries about the certification, you can go to any GIA laboratory and verify its authenticity. Do moissanite have GIA certificates?

7. Precious metal inlay

RAGAZZA provides three precious metals for customers to choose from: (1) Platinum PT950, which is more expensive but more durable, and weighs more than other metals; (2) 18K gold AU750, including white gold, gold and rose gold, which is also very durable reasonabley priced and is preferred by most customers; (3) Sterling silver S925, which is relatively soft and light. While it will oxidize after some time, its shine can be restored through proper cleaning and maintenance.

Each piece of jewelry created by RAGAZZA is also engraved with an exclusive metal stamp. If you have any queries about precious metals, you can go to the metal test laboratory for help.

8. After-sales service

RAGAZZA provides comprehensive after-sales service. All goods sold can be replaced unconditionally within 14 days. For ring products, if you find the ring size not suitable, you can change the ring once for free within one year after receiving the product. In addition, any jewelry can enjoy free cleaning and maintenance service once a year. If guests would like to switch to a new ring while keeping the old stones, that is also welcomed.

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