Proposal ring – lab-grown diamond (CVD/HPHT)

When we talk about proposal ring, the simplest one would probably be the one involving 1-carat diamond. However, that would possibly cost you around HK$60000.

Whether that is worth paying could vary from person to person, though if you want to save money, the most ideal option would be lab-grown diamond. (CVD diamond/ HPHT diamond)

The advantage of using lab-grown diamond ring as proposal ring

1. Real diamond

The core question about lab-grown diamond is: Is it real diamond?

Many international appraisal institutes have actually acknowledged that lab-grown diamond is real diamond, which is why lab-grown diamonds also come with diamond certificates. Therefore, you can be free from the stress from buying fake or simulated diamonds.

2. Cannot be differentiate with naked eyes

Another question would be: can you tell lab-grown diamonds from natural diamonds with naked eyes?

To answer this, we need to first understand that the physical component, hardness, reflect rate and spark of lab-grown diamond are all the counterparts of that of natural diamond. Therefore, lab-grown diamond and natural diamond are of the same substance, and have the same appearance.

No one, including the jewelry merchants, can differentiate the two kinds of diamond with just naked eyes.

3. Matching modern standard

If we can create a complete diamond with modern technology, should we still continue excavating and consuming unrenewable natural resources for some ceremonial tradition and personal satisfaction?

4. Price

The price of lab-grown diamond is approximately one-third of that of natural diamond. A standard proposal ring mounted with 1-carat lab-grown diamond, for example, costs around HK$20000.

Lab-grown diamond 1.02ct (D/SI2/EX) HK$12,270

Tips for using lab-grown diamond ring as proposal ring

We do not encourage buying lab-grown diamond ring for proposal without careful consideration. On the contrary, you should try to learn more about your partner’s preference before making the decision.