How to use the HK$5000 Consumption Voucher at RAGAZZA?

Q1. What products could the consumption voucher be spent on?

Answer: All the products.

Q2. Could the consumption voucher and RAGAZZA coupon be used at the same time?

Answer: Yes.

Q3. How to maximize the use of consumption voucher?

Method One: Paying in two installments

If you are not in a hurry in getting the product, you could purchase in the form of placing order. By paying the deposit with the first consumption voucher and the remainder with the second voucher, you could get the greatest discount.

Method Two: Using different consumption vouchers at the same time

If you could use the consumption vouchers of your friends or family members, we can provide separate bills so that you can use more than one vouchers in one purchase.

Q4. How to use the consumption voucher online?

Answer: Physical shop can use the voucher directly; if you need to pay online, click here for details.