Different cuts of moissanite

Like diamonds, each shape has its own characteristics and standard, which is also a major factor affecting the overall appearance. With unparalleled refractive index and diamond fire, round moissanite is the most popular, and it is will always be sparkling and beautiful no matter what jewelry it is on. All cuts other than round cut are generally referred to as "Fancy Cut", such as princess cut, heart cut, emerald cut, drop cut and eye-shaped cut. Although these unique shapes are not as popular as the round shape, they can be combined with different designs to become outstanding and original jewelry pieces.

Popular shapes of moissanite

1. Round cut

The cutting of round diamonds utilizes optical theories and precise calculations developed over hundred years. Professionals spare no effort in improving the diamond fire and refractive index of round diamonds, while carefully adopting polish and monitoring symmetry, to maximize the brilliance of round diamonds. The sale of round diamonds takes up 70% of the diamond selling on the market. Round moissanite is cut with brilliant cut and has 57 (or 58) facets. Those with superb cut will show the "hearts and arrows" pattern. Round diamonds are suitable for almost all styles, anything from classic to novel.

2. Princess cut

Princess cut is both stylish and beautiful. An ideal princess cut should have the gem cut as a complete square with 4 sharp right angles. Princess cut is not just fashionable, it is also the most popular shape other than round shape. The beautiful luster and unique square cut make princess cut moissanite ring more charming and romantic, thus making it a popular choice for rings.

3. Emerald cut

merald cut gem has a unique appearance because of the optical effect. Its surface is wide, giving the gem an elegant and refreshing look, which is unlike that shininess from round diamonds. Step cut highlights the gem's clarity. If the clarity of emerald cut gem is low, there will be significantly more inclusions than that of round diamonds. But since the clarity of moissanite is generally at very, very slightly included (VVS) grade or above, inclusions should not be a big problem. In addition, step cut of emerald shape gems can also be applied to the square moissanite, which is also called asscher cut (also known as the square emerald cut).

4. Asscher cut / square emerald

Asscher cut gem has a classic aura, which makes it very suitable for customers with great fashionable sense. Asscher cut gem is the same as emerald cut gem, with the only difference of the former being square and the latter being rectangular. Similarly, if asscher cut gems have low clarity, there will be more obvious than that of round diamonds. Since the clarity of moissanite is generally at very, very slightly included (VVS) grade or above, the problem should not be significant.