Comparing natural diamond, moissanite and cubic zirconia

“A diamond is forever”. Diamond ’s market and collection value are favored by many, and it is the first gem people will think of when getting engaged or married. But its high price would still scare most people away. However, there are several alternatives similar to diamonds on the market, and we can have something that looks like diamonds without paying a lot.

These diamond substitutes look very similar to diamonds, but they are different in other aspects, sometimes in a bad way. The most popular diamond substitutes today are artificially manufactured cubic zirconia (also known as Soviet diamond, high-carbon diamond, CZ) and laboratory-grown moissanite. Here we will go in depth to analyze the differences between the three in terms of their origin, rarity, shininess, hardness, color, clarity, value preservation and price:

The quality of our moissanite. Is it as sparkling as diamond?

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