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Diamond's characteristics 

Diamonds can be divided into two categories: natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds. As diamonds, they possess excellent characteristics such as the following

Natural Diamond VS Lab Grown
Natural diamonds showcase natural beauty and rarity, while lab grown diamonds offer affordability and functionality.

ragazza diamond


Natural and lab grown diamonds look identical and are both sparkling and bright gemstones.



Natural and lab created diamonds are the hardest gemstones, preserving their beauty.


Preserve value

Natural diamonds retain value over time, while lab grown diamonds don't.



Lab made diamonds cost 10% of natural diamonds, so you can invest your money elsewhere.

natural diamond


Natural diamonds form from carbon atoms under high pressure and temperature in the earth's crust for millions of years, creating cubic crystals. Natural forces like crustal pressure, tectonic movement, and volcanic eruptions transport diamond mineral deposits to the surface, creating diamond mines.


Since diamonds' commercialization, their complex mining and extraction processes, rarity, and high value have made them valuable commodities.

ragazza diamond


Diamond has been popular since 1930s. Since then, scientists have competed in the attempt to cultivate real diamond through technologies. After 20 years of hard work, European scientists have finally discovered such technologies. Thanks to the major technological breakthrough in 2010s, the cost of lab grown diamonds starts to drop.


The fruit of all these developments is finally accessible to us. Lab grown diamond will become something everyone could enjoy in the future.

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