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Custom made jewelry

Jewelry customization allows tailor-making the style you prefer, and adding diamonds or gemstones; or you can have your gems mounted on your custom-made design. Our jewe
lry factory locates in Tsim Sha Tsui, and our craftsman have experience of over 30 years.

Our designers and craftsman will gladly provide their services, regardless of whether you are seeking plain and simple or dauntingly luxurious design.


Custom made options

1. Gems options
・Diamond (Natural or Lab grown)
・Fancy color diamond (Natural or Lab grown)
・Gemstone (Natural or lab grown Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/Morganite)

2. Jewelry material options
・18K gold (white gold/rose gold/gold)
・Platinum (PT950)


Customization process


Send us pictures or details of the design you prefer


We will provide the quotation and time needed for the jewelry making


Paying the deposit


We will provide 3D pictures of the product and can make adjustment you request; We will start the production upon confirming the design from the 3D pictures


The product can be picked up at our shop or be sent to you through postal services