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The origin of RAGAZZA

The meaning of RAGAZZA is a young girl, and it is also a term used by parents to refer to their daughter.


In the 1950s, an Italian woman left her family to work as a servant for a wealthy family in Switzerland in order to support her children. Every year on her daughter's birthday, she would craft a piece of jewelry by hand as a token of remembrance. Although she knew she might never see her daughter again, she persisted in this act, hoping to one day reunite with her. After waiting for 20 long years, the woman finally reunited with her daughter at her wedding and was able to present her with these keepsakes.


The story of RAGAZZA represents a sincere and pure love that can heal those who are separated from loved ones and family. We are not just a brand, but also embody emotions and warmth. Driven by our convictions and original intentions, we strive to provide the best in every role we take on for you.


Our Position

RAGAZZA, a trusted diamond brand, provides top-tier natural and lab-grown diamonds at competitive prices, eliminating intermediaries to ensure quality and affordability.

We meticulously select and craft each piece of jewelry with a team of experts, prioritizing customer satisfaction. We provide transparent diamond information and pricing and collaborate with international certification organizations for accurate and unbiased assessments.


Our Confidence

RAGAZZA has provided quality-assured jewelry to thousands of satisfied customers and exports to countries including the USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Morocco, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

We have earned recognition as a "Quality Tourism Services Scheme Accredited Merchant" by the Hong Kong Tourism Board and as a "No Fakes Pledge Scheme Merchant" by the Intellectual Property Department. In 2022, we were honored with the "Annual Excellent Quality Jewelry Retail Brand" and "Annual Innovative Business Solution Awards."


For diamond certification, RAGAZZA collaborates with renowned institutions such as GIA and IGI, ensuring our customers receive certified diamonds with accurate information, thereby safeguarding their interests.

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