The origin of RAGAZZA

We believe that a civilization should spare no effort in creation, instead of consumption. 

Natural ores belong to the nature, just like oxygen, rainwater, trees and rocks do. They live with us in a symbiotic manner. The act of trading natural resources as if we own them, however, has become a trend of which many would follow. This has caused us to reflect on the action.


Lab-grown gems have shown us the beauty created by man through hard work. The beauty which does not damage the nature and can preserve the natural ores. And we are proud of this creation.
RAGAZZA is committed to presenting you with lab-grown gems, fostered by man, in the most gorgeous way.


Why lab-grown gems?


We wear accessories because we are attracted by their beauty. The beauty of laboratory grown gems, whether in terms of clarity or purity, is the one which can compete with that of natural gems.



It is a pity to see beautiful jewels lose their grace as time flies. We therefore choose laboratory grown gems, which have the same hardness as natural gems, and have them mounted on durable precious metal.



Reasonable price

We do not agree that jewelries should always cost ten of thousand dollars. We, on the contrary, hope that people could create unforgettable memories and experiences of their own, starting by making good use of their money.


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