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培育鑽石戒指 lab grown diamond ring

The Origin of Diamond Ring

The story of the first diamond engagement ring began with Austria's Maximilian's proposal to Mary Burgundy in 1477.


At the time, rings were usually made with gemstones, but Maximilian made his proposal unforgettable by procuring a stunning diamond ring. Mary was overjoyed and accepted it wholeheartedly.


And so, the story of the first diamond engagement ring has gone down in history as a testament to the enduring power of love.

Our Position

RAGAZZA offers affordable diamonds: top-tier natural & lab grown diamond. No intermediaries for competitive prices.

We meticulously select and craft each piece of jewelry with a team of experts, prioritizing customer satisfaction. We provide transparent diamond information and pricing and collaborate with international certification organizations for accurate and unbiased assessments.


The Beauty of Diamonds: Explore our Diamond Jewelry

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The eternal symbol of love and commitment